3 Red Tick on WhatsApp means the government is reading your chat? Learn the truth of this viral message


A peculiar claim is being made about WhatsApp.

Right now, two-ticks appear in WhatsApp chats, but in a fake message it is claimed that a third tick has been added to it, which will be a red tick.

WhatsApp has warned people about a fake message. It says that people’s chat is not private and the government has been able to read it. It has also been told that if the government has read your message, you will see a new tick or color. Right now, two-ticks appear in WhatsApp chats. If a tick appears when sending a message, it means that the message has been sent but not received by another user. Two ticks appear on receiving the message and two ticks turn blue on reading the message.

In the fake message it is claimed that a third tick has been added to it. It says that if the government has read the message, then the third tick will be seen. If the government wants to take action, one blue tick and two red ticks will be seen and the third red tick means that the user is being summoned from the court.

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However, WhatsApp users should not trust any such message because the company has misinformed it and has asked people to stay away from such messages. A legal dispute is going on between WhatsApp and the government.

WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against the new IT rules of the central government. Only after this, an attempt is being made to spread confusion through fake messages.

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Chat between users on WhatsApp is encrypted end-to-end. This means that no one can read this chat. No government or third party has access to it. WhatsApp has asked people not to forward any such message and report it.


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