7 million users of BHIM app not known leaked, NPCI claims claim wrong


The data of Bhim App users has not been leaked.

Mumbai. The operator of Bhim App, which offers online payment service, ‘The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) said on Tuesday that the information of users in the app has not been leaked. Reacting to allegations of a breach in the security cycle at the end of a participant in the network of this app, NPCI said that the validity of this news was independently investigated with no information about any tampering of financial information of customers. Was found

So far, 13.60 crore downloads of Bhima app have been done. An Israeli research firm had claimed on Monday that the information of 70 million users of the Bhima app has been stolen. He has expressed the possibility of some kind of flaw in the end of CSC (Common Service Centers) e-governance services. The research company has said that probably the information of many of these users’ PAN cards, screenshots of financial transactions have been stolen.

A website named VPNMenter claimed that it has detected the alleged ‘data burglary’ in this digital app. VPNMenter claims that it is the largest website to review ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN). This group helps people online to protect people from cyber attacks.

However, NPCI enlisted the services of a digital risk monitoring company after such allegations surfaced and said that no information was leaked in the Bhima app.


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