Affidavit of WhatsApp in Delhi High Court – Users can close the app if they do not accept the privacy policy


Today is the last day to receive WhatsApp’s new privacy.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: WhatsApp said in Delhi High Court that users have to use the messaging app and they can close or delete it whenever they want.

Today is the last date for WhatsApp to accept the new privacy policy 2021, but before that WhatsApp said in the Delhi High Court that users want to use the messaging app and they can close or delete it whenever they want. It is not compulsory to accept the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 nor are any users being pressured to adopt the policy. May 15 means today is the last date for accepting WhatsApp policy. If users do not accept the policy today, then their account will not be closed, but they will not get a chance to use some features. At the same time, in the petition given by WhatsApp in the court, it was said that most of the apps of the industry almost follow this policy. On the petition filed about the privacy policy, WhatsApp has said that all Internet-based apps have the same policy as ours. Big Basket, Koo, Ola Trucollar, Jomato and Arogya Setu app also take users’ data. (Also read- OnePlus’s 5G smartphone with 50 megapixel camera is getting very cheap, many special features will be available) In its affidavit filed in the court, WhatsApp said that many internet-based apps and websites collect data in the same way and WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy 2021 is similar to them. WhatsApp has also told in its affidavit that if If there is no approval to implement the privacy policy, then this will disrupt the operations of tech companies in the country, because many grocery stores are using WhatsApp in goods delivery etc. WhatsApp has given information on its FAQ page that if no one accepts the new privacy policy, then that user’s account will not be deleted. After this, he will be able to use limited features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp will stop using its essential features after a few weeks. (Also read- Android Tips: Do not make 5 mistakes while charging the phone, there can be huge losses)
If you do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, you will not be able to use WhatsApp chat list. In the end, there will be a ban on the use of the facility of answering phone calls or video calls on their app. Regarding the new privacy policy, WhatsApp has said that it is only for business account. WhatsApp will only read the chatting from the business account and share it with the parent company Facebook. The new policy has nothing to do with private chat. If you do not want to accept the policy, before May 15, you can export your old chats on Android or iPhone.


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