After the ban of TikTok, these Indian apps are booming, 20 lakh views are coming every hour! – News18 Hindi

After India’s digital strike on more than 59 Chinese mobile apps, Indian mobile application companies are beginning to establish their coinage. Especially after the closure of popular Chinese mobile applications like Tiktok and helo, let us know what options domestic mobile developers are bringing for you.

Chinese app closed from India, what happened like Indian app? Home apps like Chingari, Bolo India and Trell are being downloaded by Danadan instead of Tiktok. 2 million views are coming every hour. Apart from this, Tiktok’s home options are bolt indo and trekt on Star Trek. Traffic growth now seems to be increasing by 5 times compared to normal days.

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Varun Saxena, Founder Bolo India says that there was not much traffic on Bolo India so far due to TicketTock, but after its formation, there is a crowd on our platform. Pulkit Agarwal, Co-Founder, Trell says that 35 million downloads have been made so far, traffic is showing 5 times growth as compared to normal days.

Sharechat is emerging as a great option due to the ban on TITLOCK, HELO, sharechat is working on regional languages ​​to bring Indian users on its platform, currently 15 local languages ​​are available on Sharechat. Indian social media platform ShareChat has launched Moj app like Tiktok.

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This app offers features similar to TicTalk which include short videos, stickers, special effects and it is available for free on Google Play Store. Users can also download videos from the app and it supports 15 languages. According to an estimate, India is number one in terms of mobile application growth. Chinese apps were redeeming it, but now this ban has brought good opportunities for domestic talent and Indian companies.


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