Alert! New virus stealing your password and credit card details from 377 apps like Gmail, Amazon


There is a risk of BlackRock Android malware on the phone.

A new Android malware has been detected, which steals your passwords, credit card details through 377 apps like Gmail, (Gmail) Amazon, (Amazon) Netflix, (Netflix, Uber Uber) ….

By the way, in most cases Android malware find ways to pass the Google app review process. The biggest example of this is clown malware. Meanwhile, a new Android malware has been detected, which steals your password, credit card information through 377 apps like Gmail, (Gmail) Amazon, (Amazon) Netflix, (Netflix) Uber Uber. According to the report, the name of this malware is BlackRock and it works like the rest of Android malware.

How does BlackRock steal user data?
According to researchers at Threatfabric, it can target more apps. Also, it not only steals users’ login credentials (username and password), but also convinces them to enter payment card details. After that, he collects all the data of Trojan through ‘overlays’ technique. Actually, when the user opens a valid app, the hacker opens the same fake app or window in front of them, after which the user inserts their personal information in the fake app instead of the original app. This technique is called overlays.

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As soon as this malware comes in your device, first of all it turns on the Accessibility feature of your phone. After this, it asks for full access to the phone in the name of Google update. After this, hackers keep getting information about what you do in the phone.

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Researchers at ThreatFabric say that Blackrock malware can also perform many more intrusive tasks. See the full list below …

–SMS Message Intercepting.
–SMS sending in bulk.
– Spam contacts with predefined SMS.
Start some apps.
– Tapping on the log key. (keylogger functionality)
– Display custom tail notifications.
– Tampering with the Mobile Antivirus app.


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