Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz: Know all the questions and win a balance of Rs 5000 here


5 questions are asked in the Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz.

All questions of Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz are related to LG’s latest soundbar SN4, by answering it correctly, users can win Amazon Pay balance of Rs 5000.

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  • Last Updated:December 23, 2020, 10:38 AM IST

Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz has gone live on Amazon App from 23 December 2020. This is an app only contest, that is, it can be played only on the Amazon app. In this quiz, 5 questions have been asked, by answering which the user can win the Amazon Pay Balance of 5000 rupees. All questions of Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz are related to LG’s latest soundbar SN4.

If you also want to win this pay balance of 5000 rupees, then we make your work easy. Today we are telling you the answers to the 5 questions given in the quiz, which will make you easier to win.

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How to play Amazon Quiz? Step 1- For this, first you have to download the Amazon app from the Play Store.

Step 2- Phil Amazon App will have to open and login with your account.

Step 3- Now scroll down the variable, you will find ‘Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz’ banner on the home screen.

Step 4- Tap on the ban on Amazon LG Soundbar SN4 Quiz and then click on ‘Start’.

Step 5- Now the quiz will start, and you will have 5 questions. All your questions must be correct to win the prize.

These are the five questions…

Question 1. LG Sound Bar SN4 woofer is made of ___ material?
Answer: Carbon

Question 2. LG Sound Bar SN4 comes with a wireless subwoofer.
Answer: True

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Question 3. Which of the following audio types does LG Sound Bar SN4 support?
Answer: Dolby digital

Question 4. How many speakers does the LG Sound Bar SN4 accompany?
Answer: 3

Question 5. Which of these sound effects describe the LG Soundbar SN4

Answer: All of the above


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