Attention players playing FAU-G! Know when Team Deathmatch mode will be available in the game

The FAUG of NCore Games has been going on for some time now with no new gameplay updates or changes, which is reducing the popularity of the game. Since the launch of the FAU-G game, it has received mixed response from users, after which the game’s rating on Google Play Store and Apple Store was reduced. To change this, in April the developers announced that Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM) would be available in beta from June 21. However, June 21 has come and gone and FAUG TDM mode is not yet available in beta. The company has not issued any statement regarding the delay in its beta version.

The FAUG game had only melee, no guns from the beginning, but guns can be seen for the first time in multiplayer mode. The game is expected to feature scoped bolt-action rifles, submachine guns, fully automatic rifles and grenades in TDM mode. The game play featured an urban environment but it is now speculated that there may be other maps as well. Although the company has clarified that it will bring Battle Royale mode, but no indication has been given yet.

Neither nCore Games nor the developers have revealed anything about the company’s plans, when the gameplay will get new modes and updates. Battleground Mobile India has recently launched its beta version, after which users are pulling towards this game. In such a situation, it can be very difficult for FAUG to retain its users in the game. It is being said that after the official launch of Battleground Mobile India, the popularity of FAUG may decrease even further.


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