Bad News! Google Meet’s group calling service will no longer be available, you will have to pay money

Google Meet has fixed 60 minutes limit for group calls for its users. Google has set this limit for those users who are using the service for free. Last year, the company had said that no time limit would be set on group video calling till September 2020, and later the company extended it till June 2021. But now the giant company has not taken it any further. Those who don’t want this 60-minute limit will have to upgrade to a paid account so that they can make unlimited group video calls with three or more people.

Google Meet has updated its guideline, in which the time limit has been mentioned. It has been told that free Gmail users will now get a limit of 60 minutes for group calls with three and above. Google says that users will get a notification after 55 minutes that the call is about to end.

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Google has not given any reason for imposing the time limit for group calls. But it is being said that the aim of the company to do this is to ensure that more and more people upgrade to the workspace individual subscription plan.

This is how you can get unlimited calling
For those who want to get the benefit of unlimited calling on Google Meet, it has been informed to upgrade the Google Meet Help website, so that they can sign-up for the paid service of Google Workspace subscription.

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Google recently announced that Google Workspace for the individual tier for $ 9.99 (about Rs 750) per month. So if users take this plan, then they can get more than 1 hour i.e. more than 60 minutes limit.

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