Big drawback in Mitron App! Hackers can completely control the account of users


A major flaw has been found in the Mitron App.

Attackers can follow others using a hacked account and can also access activities like comments.

Mitron App, which gives a tough competition to TikTok, is becoming increasingly popular in India. Meanwhile, a big flaw has been revealed about the app, due to which hackers are accessing the accounts of users. Cyber ​​security researcher Rahul Konkrale told Gadget 360 that a flaw has come to light in friends through which hackers (Hackers) can control the user’s account. Also you can message anyone from the account.

Not only this, the attackers can also follow others using a hacked account and can also access activities like comments. Expert Konkrale says that this flaw in the Friends app is only present in the initial login process, from where hackers take access to the user’s account without knowing the password and without any verification process.

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The report states that Friends does not use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for app login. This app allows users to login with their Google account. Despite this, it uses its own unique ID for the login process, not Google credentials. Kankrale has also made a video to explain it, which can be seen below.

Mitron has been bought from Pakistani software company!
This is the second time when something has been revealed about friends. Earlier it has been revealed that this app is not Made in India and it has been purchased from Pakistan Software Company. News18 found that the complete source code of the Friends app, which has all the features and user interfaces, has been purchased from the Pakistani software company Qboxus. According to Irfan Sheikh, founder and chief executive of Qboxus, his company has sold the source code of the app to the promoters of friends for $ 34 i.e. around Rs 2,600.

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