Big news: Google’s special service closed from today! Now money will have to be spent when the new rule is implemented


From today Google is shutting down its free service.

From today Google has implemented a new rule, after which money will have to be paid for its special service. In addition, many users fear that they may lose access to photos and videos that were previously safely stored on Google Photos.

Unlimited free cloud storage on Google Photos is ending on June 1 i.e. today. Google announced last year that it was now monetizing Photo Drive, and would charge users a nominal fee for using the cloud storage service. With the new rules coming into effect today, many users fear that they may lose access to photos and videos that were previously securely stored on Google Photos.

Users who have stored less than 15GB of media content on Google Photos can sit comfortably. Users who have stored more than 15GB of media content are now worried about losing their data and started downloading their photos and videos from Google Photos long back.

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Google Photos was started 6 years ago on May 28, 2015. This was a photo sharing and storage service. Since then it was kept free for all users, that is, they could upload high quality photos and videos on it. But from this month, Google will now give you 15 GB cloud storage free, in which you will get equal space for all Google products. But for more than 15 GB space on Google, you will have to subscribe to Google’s Google One. Let’s know about the plan.

Know about Google One subscription plan…

According to the subscription plan of Google’s Google One, Rs 1499 will have to be paid annually for 100 GB of storage. If you want, you can also take it on a monthly basis, for that the company has fixed a charge of Rs 149. If you store more data, then you will also have a plan of 200 GB, in which you can choose between an annual payment of Rs 2199 or a monthly payment of Rs 219.

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Apart from this, Google has kept a subscription offer of Rs 7500 for 2TB annual plan and Rs 749 for monthly. If you want, you can also take plans up to Rs 10TB-3249, Rs 20TB-6500, Rs 30TB-9700.


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