Big threat on 250 million smartphones! This virus is entering the phone automatically, cannot be deleted


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This virus is very dangerous and after secretly installed, it takes access to all the user’s data in the app …

The risk of malware on Android smartphones has increased significantly in some time. Now the Kaspersky team has detected such malware which is hovering over 250 crore smartphones. A virus named xHelper gets into the phone through apps, which present themselves as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOD.Helper.h and claim that it will clean up the phone and speed up the performance. But when you download it, it downloads the malicious software ‘rojan-Downloader.AndroidOS.Leech.p’ on the phone.

After this, Leech.p downloads software called ‘HEUR: Trojan.AndroidOS.Triada.dd’ in the phone and gives permission to the root access of the phone.

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According to Kaspersky, these root access chips go on Chinese phones, which run on Android 6 or Android 7. The frightening thing is that we cannot tamper with this software nor can it be deleted. So it becomes a little difficult for antivirus to fix it.

Security experts have called this malware extremely dangerous. After secretly installing, it takes access to all the user’s data in the app. Not only this, whenever a user tries to uninstall this app or malware, it is automatically reinstalled.

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Cyber ​​security experts have told a way to remove it from the phone.

– For this, you have to go to the recovery mode setup in your Android phone.

After this, you can replace the file with the original firmware and replace it with the infected file. You have to do this process before removing all the malware from the system partition.


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