Big threat to the users of this app! Names, emails, phone numbers of 4 crore people leaked


The police arrested the accused Karan Singh and Simran after compiling the information using cyber technology. (Token photo)

Know which is the app whose personal data of about 4 crore users has been hacked, which is available for free download on the hacking forum.

During the lockdown, the risk of cyber crime has increased significantly. There are reports of data leaks and it is now known that the popular voting app (voting app) has personal data of about 40 million users of Wishbone. ) Has been hacked, which is available for free download on the hacking forum. According to a report by ZDNet, the Wishbone user database has been completely leaked, and the hacker, known as Sheeny Hunters, has claimed credit for hacking.

Earlier, data on the dark web was being sold for 0.85 bitcoins i.e. $ 8,000. Data includes user names, emails, phone numbers, city / state / country and hashed passwords. The report states, ‘The data also included links to wishbone profile pictures.

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The URL data loaded were descriptions of minors in images. The Wishbone app has always been historically popular. ‘The password was not stored in plain text, but was manipulated using the MD5 algorithm. The MD5 was declared ‘cryptographically broken’ by experts in 2010. The moderately complex password hashed through MD5 can be cracked in 30 minutes or less. The hacked data is being sold to many big companies for 13.6 lakhs.

Apart from this, the data of about 3 crore Indians has also been leaked. Online intelligence company Saibal said that cyber criminals have put personal data of 2.9 crore Indians on the dark web. Also, it was also learned that this data is being made available there for free.

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The company said in a blog on Friday, ‘Personal details of 2.91 crore Indian people looking for jobs have been leaked. Usually this type of incident keeps coming in our eyes, but it attracted special attention because it also contains a lot of personal information. These details also include education, address, email, phone, qualification, work experience etc.


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