Big update for PUBG Mobile fans! Know when this battle game will return in India


A new thing has emerged for PUBG mobile fans.

PUBG was banned in India in September last year. Since then, PUBG fans are eagerly waiting for the game to be re-launched in India. According to reports, the game publisher Krafton is trying hard to launch the game again in India. A representative of Crafton said, “The company has continued negotiations with the Central Government of India to launch the game relaunch, and we are waiting for the feedback and approval of the Central Government.” Talking with SportsKeed, the company’s communication representative further said, “We are waiting for the decision and views of the central government on the plan to launch PUBG in this area.”

At the Indian Gaming Conference 2021, Sean Hyunil Sohan, head of Krafton’s Corporate Development, said, “We can’t tell you the time and day of the game launch, because we don’t even know. But we want to tell you that we care a lot about the Indian market, only then we know the people of this industry and meet you here. And then surely we are working hard to launch PUBG again in India.

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Crafton also said that his main focus is to launch PUBG in India. We are not going to open pre-registration of PUBG: New State. PUBG: New State is the new edition of this game, which was launched in April. The game is available both on the App Store and the Google Play store. According to information from a Crafton official, ‘Crafton will do everything necessary to relaunch this game to India and we will launch this game in India, which will launch in India. Special designed and developed for. Looking at this, it can be said that Indian fans may have to wait a little longer for this game.


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