Can anyone’s account be hacked on social media?

Social media has quickly made a place in Lifestyle. Especially in the era of Lockdown and Isolation, people are making a lot of contact through social media. In such a situation, everyone has questions and curiosities about Social Media Account Hacking. Everyone wants to keep their accounts, systems and details secure. But be careful! Passwords of account like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter can be easily stolen.

The latest news from the US was the sensational news of Twitter accounts being hacked by celebrities like Joseph Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Canye West and Elon Musk. This hacking was reported to be in the context of a major scam involving bitcoin and cryptocurrency. is. Although Twitter talked about investigating this hacking, but it is a matter of knowing how and how easy it is to hack any social account.

According to a research, it is not very difficult to hack accounts created on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. On the other hand, if you search the internet by writing keywords like Facebook hacking, Instagram hacking, then you will find many articles telling you many tricks. Know how easy it is to hack a social media account according to the latest research.

Need minimum information for hackingIt is that social media platforms provide many security features, but security researches believe that there can be at least a lot of information related to an account for hacking. For example, if the account is to be hacked, if the hacker has his mobile phone number, then hacking becomes very easy.

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There have been reports of Facebook data leaks and accounts being hacked.

How important is strong password?
Researchers say that if the hacker reaches your mobile number, then it does not matter how strong you have created the password of the social media account or how difficult the security question is. It is an easy task like ringing a pinch that a skilled hacker can hack your Facebook page or account through your mobile phone.

Why is hacking so easy?
After security analysis, it has been found out how efficient hackers can execute Facebook hacking in minutes. Asl, this hacking has become very easy through the Signalling System Number 7 (SS7) network. The worldwide telecom network SS7 cyber criminals were not able to prevent personal phone calls and messages from being heard, read or recorded.

In ASL, SS7 is a signal-related protocol used in sending and receiving information, cross carrier billing, roaming of SIM cards and many other operations. More than 800 telecom operators worldwide use the SS7 protocol.

How to hack FB account?
As an example, understand that the hacker first sends an SMS to your mobile phone, which is of interest to you, that you follow it and click it according to further instructions. As soon as you click on the link on this message, the hacker finds a way to infiltrate all your social media accounts, which are connected to your mobile phone. With your mobile phone, the hacker can control all your accounts.

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You would think that the message has been sent by Tittock, but this will be the trick of the hacker.

How is a TI Cuttack account hacked?
Many social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and TickTalk make claims about users’ privacy and data security, but these have been questioned.

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In the report hacking report of Value Added Resellers, quoting the research of the check point, it was said that on the behemoth of TikTok, a hacker can send SMS to your mobile phone and once you click on the link, it will infiltrate your mobile phone through coding. Can do.

This trick of hacking is called ‘Cross Site Request Forgery Attack’, in which hackers trick the user into unknowingly getting caught in their trap. Researchers said that there is no mechanism available against this technology right now.

It has also been said that in November 2019, a patched version of TikTok’s mobile app was released when the researchers at Check Point informed Tiktok’s developer organization ByteDance about these threats. Also, users of TikTok were instructed to download and use the latest version to avoid hacking.


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