careful! These 11 apps are dangerous for your phone, Google removed, advise you to delete them immediately


Google has deleted 11 such apps from the Play Store, in which dangerous viruses have been found.

Researchers said that Google has removed 11 threat apps from the Play Store and said that Android users whose phones already have them installed should immediately delete them.

Google has deleted 11 apps from the play store. These apps are affected by Joker malware, which Google was tracking since 2017. Researchers at checkpoint have discovered new variants of Joker malware, which are hidden in apps. This newly updated Joker can download many more malware to a malware device, which in turn makes it a member of premium service without the user’s permission. That is, hackers silently subscribe to the premium service through these affected apps, and users do not know anything about it.

It was told that the hackers had adopted the old method and passed Google Play Protections. This clown malware has been found in 11 apps of Google Play Store. Check Point said that Google has removed these apps from the Play Store and said that the Android users whose phones are already installed in them, delete them immediately. A list of these apps has also been given in the report, by checking which you remove these apps from the phone …

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>>com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different forms)


Check Point said that despite the security features of Google Play, it is still very difficult to detect Joker malware, and hackers can bring them back to the Play Store in a very easy way.

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This malware has also been found before
Earlier this year, Google released a report in which it said that it had detected and removed 1,700 malicious ‘bread’ apps from the Play Store. These bread apps are clowns with malware. Google said that these applications were removed before users downloaded them.


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