careful! This dangerous app is reading by reading all the notifications of WhatsApp, delete it immediately


The FlixOnline app for phones is quite dangerous.

The name of the dangerous app for the phone is FlixOnline, which was claimed to show the global content of Netflix. It is being said that this app is designed to spy on WhatsApp.

Nowadays the trend of hacking your private data has increased through many fake and malware apps in smartphones. A similar application is in the news nowadays. This application leaks many private data from your phone, in the name of giving you free service. Actually, a warning is being issued today about an app. This app monitors your WhatsApp messages, as well as it reads all notifications of your WhatsApp. Not only this, this app also sends messages of your WhatsApp to hackers sitting far away.

It is being told that the name of this app is FlixOnline, which was being claimed that this app is for showing the global content of Netflix. But like other Malware, this too is only a false claim. Actually, this app is designed to spy on WhatsApp.

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The app turns auto replyThis app reads all the messages on your WhatsApp and sends these messages to the hacker sitting on the remote. Along with the message, this app also sends a link giving information about your phone. This app also controls all notifications of WhatsApp, and at times auto-replies the messages without even knowing you. This app takes many types of permissions from you while installed. This app is visible above all other apps, and this app is also at the top in the notification panel.

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Google has removed this app from Google Play Store, but for many days this app has been viral and millions of people have downloaded it. If you have also downloaded this app, then without delay, delete it from your phone.


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