careful! Your photo and money can be stolen by this one mistake on Android phone; Call record is also under threat


There is a risk of malware in Android phones.

Nowadays, FakeSysUpdate is very much discussed in Android phones, seeing that you will feel that there is an update for your Android system, but in reality it is a dangerous app ..

Due to the increasing technology, nowadays everything is present at the click of your thumb, whether it is banking service or any other service, all the facilities are present in your smartphone. But along with these facilities, many malware or spyware also exist on the Internet nowadays. Usually malware are apps that claim to give you any feature, but their sole purpose is to send your personal data, banking details and information about you from your phone continuously to someone.

The most dangerous malware of all these days is FakeSysUpdate, which will make you feel like an update for your Android system, but in reality it is a dangerous app that is installed in your phone by uninstalling itself and all the permissions and controls of your phone He gives it away to the hacker.

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Now whatever you are doing through your phone, such as chatting with someone, photos of your phone’s gallery, videos or banking apps in your phone, the hacker can track you away, and this malware can One can record audio or video in the phone itself. Zimperium zLabs’s security research first detected this malware and according to one of their reports, having this app in your phone can have a very serious result. FakeSysUpdate is always running in the background after being installed in your phone, without your knowledge.

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Sometimes you can see the message on your screen, ‘Searching for Updates ….’ and any user will think that maybe there is an update of the phone’s Android system and you will uninstall it. After this, all your private data from the SMS inbox of your phone will be in the hands of hackers.

According to Cyber ​​Security Research, they have not yet discovered how this FakeSysUpdate spyware spread on the Internet. Cyber ​​security firms Zimperium and Malwarebytes Labs claim that the malware is not spread by Google’s Play Store. According to cyber experts, this malware is using spear phishing to breech the user’s data security.


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