COVID-19: Facebook is giving data on the movement and relationship of users to fight the epidemic


Police is investigating in the case of cheating from Facebook.

The social networking company is upgrading its map for ‘population movement’, which includes ‘Insight Movement’ tool …

San Francisco. Facebook said on Monday that it is providing information to users about their movement and their relationships, keeping the identity of the users confidential, to understand where the virus infection can spread further.

Facebook chief executives X Jin and Laura McGorman wrote in a post that the social networking company is upgrading its map with regard to ‘population movement’, which includes the ‘Insight Movement’ tool. He said that in this the privacy of the people will be kept completely confidential.

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Jin and McGorman said hospitals are working to get the right resources, and public health systems are seeking the right guidelines. They said they need better information about what preventive measures are working and how the virus spreads. Can. Google also announced such a move last week, stating that it would provide data related to the movement of users around the world, implementing governments to overcome the Corona-19 pandemic ‘social distance’ ‘Will help in determining the effect of the measures.

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