COVID-19: Netflix took this important decision to reduce the load on the network



Net content has taken an important decision, due to the corona virus epidemic, which has been closed across the country and the use of digital content has increased manifold.

Video streaming company Netflix said on Tuesday that it would reduce traffic on telecom networks by up to 25 percent while maintaining the quality of service in India. This is being done in the wake of increased crowd of users on the network amid Coronavirus epidemic. Companies such as Amazon Prime Video are also temporarily reducing bit rates to reduce pressure on the telecommunications network infrastructure. Depending on the bit rate it shows how much data is being transferred.

Due to the corona virus epidemic, the country is in captivity and due to this the use of digital content has increased manifold as people are forced to stay indoors.

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Netflix vice president (content delivery) Ken Florence said in an email statement that in view of the crisis, we have developed a way to reduce Netflix’s traffic on the telecom network by 25 percent while maintaining our quality of service. Therefore, consumers will continue to get the quality that comes with their plan. He said that this will give great relief to the congested network and this measure will be implemented in India for the next 30 days.(Also read- Good news! Samsung’s 63 thousand Dhansu smartphone worth just Rs 19,999)

For information, due to the Corona virus, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), an organization of telecom service providers, wrote a letter to the government asking for instructions to reduce the bitrate for platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So that the pressure on network infrastructure can be reduced to continue the ‘important works’ at the present time.
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