Even after being banned in India, people are driving in TikTok, it can be a big problem

Despite China’s highly popular short video app TikTok (TikTok) being banned in India, some people are not giving up their pursuit. The government has banned this app, but this app is still present in people’s phones and many users are able to install and use it. Let’s know how this app is present in people’s phones even after being banned and is it safe to use it? Actually, since TicTalk is banned, people are looking for different jugaad to use it. Someone is downloading it through an APK file, then someone is trying to access the app through a VPN, but most methods are not working.

Meanwhile, the link to an APK file on WhatsApp is becoming increasingly viral, due to which TikTok is being downloaded in people’s phones. As soon as the user clicks on this link, his phone asks for permission to install the unknown app. Now when the user goes to setting and gives the permission ON, then there is an option to install it, and the app starts working in the phone easily.

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You will be surprised to know that after downloading, people start seeing it as before, for which they do not have to use any trick.Threat to your phone

Those who are using this method using TicketTock may not know how big a danger they are calling. First of all, let us know that whenever a file is not officially available and you are using its apk file, then you cannot find out what modifications have been done in it. This means that it can easily enter malware, spyware in your phone, after which your private data can be transferred to the apk file developer.

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Not only this, you must have also noticed that whenever we download a new app, the app asks for permission from many things, including options like camera, audio, gallery, contacts, location. So if you allow these permits, then the developer knows where you are going, whom you are talking to. That is, the developer gets complete access to the phone.

Do not forget to install
Actually this apk file is an unofficial version. Maybe it bypasses the Internet service provider and gives you access to TicketTalk. This app looks like an original ticket to look and use, but do not forget to use it, because it threatens your data.


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