EXPLAINED: How private is your WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram store your chat and calls?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be implemented from February 8 and the app has said that if users do not accept it, then their account will be automatically closed. Under the new policy, WhatsApp can give its users Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) to Facebook, Instagram or any other third party, and keeping this in mind, users are unhappy with this update and other telegram, (telegram) The signals are being shifted on platforms like Signal. WhatsApp said, ‘We had updated our privacy policy. Many questions have also arisen on the updated policy and at the same time wrong information is also being spread, in such a situation, we want to answer some of your questions which many other people have also asked us. We have made WhatsApp very hard so that our users can connect privately to each other ‘.

WhatsApp has talked about issues like calling, private messages, group chat, contacts, and data in its tweet. It was told in the tweet that WhatsApp does not keep records of people’s messaging and calling. Apart from this, it was also told that WhatsApp cannot see the shared location of the user, nor does Facebook have access to it. In the tweet, WhatsApp said that the location shared by the user is also hidden. It is the same with group chat.

WhatsApp does not share your contact
Apart from this, WhatsApp says that it does not share any user’s contacts with Facebook. Also, regarding the group invites, WhatsApp says that the WhatsApp groups of users will remain private in the new privacy policy. WhatsApp also said in the tweet that users can still set the message dispensing feature. You can also download data with this. WhatsApp released this feature last year, so that the message gets deleted automatically after 7 days. This feature has been called Disappearing Message feature. WhatsApp has also given users the option to download their data.

In response to the tweet, WhatsApp said that the privacy policy update of the company does not affect the privacy of users’ messages with friends and family. Last week, WhatsApp gave a clarification on its new privacy policy, stating that the company’s new privacy policy is to know how users communicate with business accounts, and does not affect personal interaction,

WhatsApp has said that the privacy of the messages of the user’s friends or family will not be affected in any way with this policy update. Rather, changes have been mentioned in this policy update, such as sending a message to the business on WhatsApp, which is optional and it has also been clearly explained how the data is collected and used.

Your private and secure personal messaging
>> Facebook and WhatsApp can neither see your private messages nor listen to calls: Users can neither see / hear whatsapp, nor facebook their friends, family and workmates who send messages on WhatsApp or talk on the call.

WhatsApp says that what users share with their loved ones stays between you, because your personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp says that WhatsApp will never allow this security to weaken. WhatsApp gives great importance to encryption, so users will see that every chat is labeled with encryption.

>> Who does not keep a record of who is sending messages or calling? It used to be earlier that mobile companies and operators used to store this information, but this is not possible for WhatsApp. WhatsApp believes that keeping a record of two billion (two hundred million) users could threaten both privacy and security, so WhatsApp does not do so.

>> Facebook and we can’t see your shared location: When users share their location on WhatsApp, your location is protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that no one can see your location other than you and with whom you have shared.

>> Whatsapp does not share your contact list with Facebook: After the user’s permission, WhatsApp only access the phone number from your phone’s address book, so that you can easily communicate with your contacts. WhatsApp does not share your information with other Facebook apps.

>> WhatsApp Groups Pvt. Are: WhatsApp uses group memberships to deliver messages and protect their service from spam. WhatsApp does not share these data with Facebook. Note that these private chats are encrypted end-to-end, so we do not know what is happening in them.

>> You can use the ‘vanishing message’ mode automatically: For more security, you can choose whether a message sent or received disappears after 7 days. You can download your data: By downloading from the user app, you can see what information your account has with WhatsApp.

Who uses how much data on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram?

– End-to-End Encryption: Users’ chat is end-to-end encrypted in WhatsApp. At the same time, in Signal, the user’s chat is encrypted. After all, only ‘secret chats’ and all chats in Telegram are encrypted.

– Disappearing Messages: WhatsApp has an option to display messages, while Signal and Telegram apps also have this feature.

–Chat Backups: WhatsApp has the option of backing up the chat, but it happens on the third party. At the same time, there is no option of chat backup on Signal. There is a chat store on local tice. At the same time, there is an option of chat backup, but it is possible only for Telegram’s cloud.

–Screen Lock: This feature has been given in WhatsApp. At the same time, this service has also been provided in Signal and Telegram.

–Advertisement: This feature has not been provided on WhatsApp and Signal. At the same time advertising on Telegram can be brought soon.

–Group Chat Security: WhatsApp has this feature, and it has end-to-end encryption, while for Signal, this feature works the same way. But this is not the case for telegram.

–Video and Voice Calls: This feature is present in WhatsApp, while Signal and Telegram have this feature.


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