Facebook and Google started updating websites according to IT regulations of India


Google and pacebook have started updating their platform under the new IT rules.

Big digital companies like Google (Google) and Facebook (Facebook) have started updating their website according to the new social media rules of India.

New Delhi. Large digital companies such as Google (Google) and Facebook (Facebook) have started updating their website with the aim of making public information, including the appointment of a complaint officer according to the new social media rules of India. According to government sources, big social media companies like Google, Facebook and WhatsApp have shared the details with the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) as per the new digital rules. Although Twitter is still not following the rules. Under the new rules, major social media intermediaries are required to appoint a Grievance Redressal Officer, Nodal Officer and Chief Operating Officer. It is important for these officers that their appointment be in India and they stay here.

Those social media platforms fall under the category of major social media intermediaries, whose number of users is more than 5 million. Industry sources said that Facebook and WhatsApp have already shared compliance reports with the Ministry of Electronics and IT. Information about the appointment of new complaint officers is being updated on these forums.

Google has named Joe Griar on the ‘Contact Us’ page. His address is from Mountain View America. Information about the grievance redressal mechanism for YouTube has also been provided on this page.

According to the rules, all social media companies have to give information about the complaint settlement officer and their address on their website, app or both. Also, the manner of complaint has to be told through which the user or the victim can make their complaint. The complaint officer will have to give information about receiving the complaint lodged within 24 hours. Also, such complaints will have to be disposed of within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt. Government sources said on Friday that Twitter was not following the rules. The company did not send the information about the name of the main compliance authority to the ministry. He has named a lawyer working in a law company as a liaison officer and grievance officer.

According to sources, while it has been clearly stated in the IT rules, it is necessary for the nominated officers of social media forums to be employees of the company and to be resident in India.

Twitter did not respond to questions asked via e-mail about this. Dharmendra Chatur has been named as the Grievance Officer (Interim) for India on the company’s website. Google, Facebook and WhatsApp also did not reply to detailed questions asked via e-mail about the appointments required under the new IT rules.

Sources had earlier said that important social media intermediaries such as Ku, Searchchat, Telegram and LinkedIn have shared details with the ministry in addition to Google, Facebook and WhatsApp in terms of implementing the provisions of the new rules.


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