Facebook will launch vaccine finder tool in India, know how much this tool is


New Delhi. With regard to vaccination in India, Facebook (Facebook) in collaboration with the Government of India has created a tool that people will be able to use to find out where the vaccine is located in the places around them. are getting. Facebook has Friday To Declaration Of That She India In Ours mobile The app OnThe vaccine Finder ‘ (Vaccine Finder) The tool To Roll Out do Start Tax Will give. this equipment To India Government Of Partnerships In Developed did Gone is And these 17 Local The languages In available Will happen. equipment The people To The vaccine Received To do Of for Aasnear Of The places Of identification To do In help Will do.

Will be able to get appointment for vaccination

these Health And Family Welfare Ministry By available Made it went The data Of Used By doing Vaccination The center And Their Operations Of Time Of Complete Information Will give. this The tool In WalkIn Option Too will get And Vaccination Of The appointment Of for Official Kovid The vaccine Portal CoWin On registration To do Of for One Link Too Will give. The tool Facebook On Covid-19 information The center In available is.

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Information will be found here

Social Media Platform has said That this India In NonThe official Organizations And Joint The nation Of Agencies To advertisement The credit And Insight To Support Tax Stayed is, that That Covid-19 The vaccine And Necessary Health Information Of with Facebook On majority of The people By the access Can Huh. Platform has said That they The people To Health Care Provide To do Of for UNICEF India Of with work Tax are Huh, Stare The emergency Care And House On Lightweight Covid-19 symptoms To meet On how Caution Take a drink. this Information Facebook Of Covid-19 Information The center And Its News Feed On available is. Instagram On, companyExploreSection InThe guideOf The medium From this Information To encouragement Give doing is.

One day In 3,79,257 new The case Enter

Covid-19 Vaccination Of The third The stage Saturday From Start Having Go Stayed is. Its 18 From more The people Of registration Wednesday From Start Ho Had finished is. country In last 24 Hours OfDuring Infection Of Now By Of from all more The cases Front Returns Huh. last One day In 3,79,257 new The case Enter Done went Huh, while 3,498 The people Of The death Hui is. these NowBy Of from all more the figure is.now from all more The cases Maharashtra From come are Huh.

Nationwide 31,70,228 Active Cases

Health Ministry Of According to, country In now Infected Of The total Number 1,87,62,976 the access Has gone is. In these From 31,70,228 Active The case Huh while 1,53,84,418 The people thisdisease From OK Ho Had Huh last 24 Hours Of During this Epidemic Of cause 3,498 The people Of The death Hui is. The same Of with this Infection From To die The ones Of Number increase2,08,330 the access Has gone is.


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