Facebook’s big action on hate speech, with the help of AI, removed over 90 lakh posts

The world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, is a part of our lives. May be you are reading this news on Facebook itself. The reach (reach) of Facebook is so much that the governments of many countries are built and deteriorated by it. Especially in Asian countries, where people are quite vocal about their religion and political ideology, its relevance increases there. At such a time, the responsibility of Facebook also increases that they keep their platform clean. Despite all the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) and technology, there is still no such technology that claims to keep any platform completely clean. That too when he has more than 2600 million monthly active users all over the world. Although Facebook has improved its AI, positive results have also come out.

Due to pressure from governments, political parties, NGOs and all the influential people, Facebook has definitely tried to clean its platform in the past. We will also talk about that data, but before that we understand why Facebook is so important.

According to the Datareportal website, Facebook has 280 million monthly users in India. The US has 190M, 130M in Indonesia, 120M in Brazil, 86M in Mexico, 82M in the Philippines, 63M in Vietnam, 63M in Thailand, 41M in Egypt, 41M in Bangladesh, 37M in Pakistan, 37M in Turkey and 37M in the UK.

That is, India is the largest market for Facebook and 94 percent of the people who use the Internet in India also use Facebook. In such a situation, the role of Facebook also becomes important in maintaining social harmony in a country like India.

Facebook released the Facebook Community Standard Enforcement Report this month (in May), in which it revealed what the company did to keep the platform clean in the first quarter of 2020 ie Timai. According to the report, the company has taken action against a total of 1.7 billion fake accounts. Apart from this, posts with 9.6 million het speech have been removed. This is the record so far. Earlier in the last quarter of 2019, Facebook deleted 5.7M such posts. In the third quarter of 2019, Facebook had deleted 7 million hate speech related posts.

According to Facebook, in the first quarter of 2020, it resorted to new technology to identify posts related to hate speech. The technique that is being used in English language to identify posts related to hate speech has been used in other languages ​​as well, all the posts related to hate speech have been deleted by Facebook in the first quarter of this year. Only 88.8% AI detects.

However, it is difficult to completely remove the hate speech in spite of AI. Therefore, Facebook manually reviews the post that the normal user reports. According to Facebook, he has deleted posts related to 1.3 million hate speech between January and March. However, after the appeal of the poster, Facebook restored about 63 thousand posts of them.

What is hate speech according to facebook
According to Facebook, if someone is attacked directly due to race, ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual desire, caste, gender and serious illness or disability, then he falls under the category of hate speech. This includes inflammatory speech in any form. In the form of video, text or photo. You can read more information about hate speech at this link.

Apart from this, the major steps Facebook has taken include 39.5 million adult nude and sexual activity posts, 25.5M posts with volent graphics, 8.6M posts with child nudity and sexual exploitation, posts with 7.9M drugs, 6.3M terrorism posts, 4.7 Deleased M Organized Hate posts, 2.3M bullying and Hashment posts, 1.7 Million Suicide and Self-Injury posts and 1900 Million spam.

Data released by Facebook clearly shows that Facebook has removed the most posts related to sexual content, violent graphics and hate speech. Inflammatory posts on Facebook are also a reason for the increasing religious violence in India. In such a situation, it is important that we and whatever you find wrong, inflammatory or vulgar, report it. With the help of AI, Facebook has increased its ability to delete such posts, but for this, it cannot be completely dependent on machines. Therefore, it is important that we and you behave like an alert citizen. Facebook, Twitter, TicketLock, ShareChat, Hello, Instagram, whatever be the platform, report the post that seems wrong.


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