Facebook’s new feature! Users will get more control over their news feed, know its benefits


A comment limiting feature has come on Facebook.

Facebook’s new filter tool will give users the ability to limit comments on profiles and pages in which they are tagged.

Twitter and Tiktok allow users to set limits on the comments of their users and brands, and now Facebook is following the same path. Facebook has introduced a new filter bar, which will allow users, creators and brands to limit public comment on their posts. This will reduce unwanted comments and conversations on the post. This new filter tool will give users the ability to limit comments on profiles and pages in which they are tagged, or anyone who can see this post can open it, and to some extent this new tool is a Facebook platform But will also control trolling and bullying.

It will also be an easy way to close the position of the feed algorithm and the content will be posted in its order. In October last year, Facebook launched a ‘favorite’ tool, allowing users to select 30 friends and pages in which they prioritize their content and therefore display it on a separate news feed. Will go.

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This company was also given an option to its users to sort their feed as ‘Most Recent’, but then this option removed the ambiguous menu. Facebook is now prioritizing ‘Favorite’ and ‘Recent’ filters, so that they can be inserted as separate tabs at the top of the news feed, which can switch between users. Feed filter bar for those users Are available which use ‘favorite’ most of the time, giving users easy access to view the most recent recent content from their favorite people.

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This feature is currently released for Android users, and will be available to iOS users in the coming weeks. Facebook said, it is not clear when this feature will be available on the web version of Facebook.


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