Five easy questions of Amazon app can win you 5,000 rupees! Learn how you will benefit from sitting at home


Through the Amazon app, you can win 5,000 rupees in pay balance.

Amazon App quiz April 21, 2021: Here we are telling you five questions of today’s Amzon App Quiz as well as their answers, so that you can win a lot of prizes ….

Amazon App Quiz April 21, 2021: A new edition of Daily App Quiz has started on the e-commerce platform Amazon. Online shopping platform Amazon is offering an opportunity to win 5,000 rupees on Amazon Pay Balance in its quiz today. This quiz is available on Amazon’s mobile app. For information, let us know that this daily quiz starts at 8 am every day and continues till 12 pm.

The quiz is based on GK: The quiz consists of five questions of general knowledge (GK) and current affairs. To win such a lot of prizes, you have to answer all the questions asked in the quiz correctly. Four questions are given in every question asked during the quiz. The name of the winner of today’s quiz will be announced on 22 April. He will be selected through a lucky draw.

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Question 1) The Green Queens of India- Nation’s Pride ‘, is a book compilation of the extraordinary works done by which group of women?Answer 1) Forest officers

Question 2) NISAR is a joint Earth-observing mission between ISRO and which other space agency?
Answer 2) NASA

Question 3) In a first, astronomers have recently detected a ‘space hurricane’ in Earth’s upper atmosphere in which region?
Answer 3) North Pole.

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Question 4) In which place will you have to go normally to experience this service?
Answer 4) Spa.

Question 5) What do you call this particular yoga pose?
Question 5) Chakrasana.


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