Forgot Apple ID Password, Know How To Reset It Back By Calling A Friend In iOS 15

New Delhi. There is a problem with many Apple users that they forget to create the password used for Apple ID. And if you try to open your device again and again by entering the wrong password, then it also gets locked. This is the reason why Apple has come up with a smart solution for this, under which in such a situation, now only iPhone users will have to call their friend or acquaintance and after that they will be able to change their password easily without any hassle. All this will be possible in Apple’s operating system iOS 15, which the company will launch by the end of the year. With iOS 15, Apple is bringing many new features and features that aim to make life easier for iPhone users. One such feature is account reset, which is aimed at people who regularly forget their Apple ID password.

You can use this feature like this
The account reset feature in iOS 15 will allow iPhone users to call a relative or friend who will give them a special code to unlock their account and reset their password. Forgetting Apple ID password is a common problem among users. Also, the fact that Apple locks you out of your account after a few incorrect attempts to log in, prompts users to contact Apple Support to be able to access your account and unlock all of their devices. is forced to.

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In this way the setting will have to be changed
With iOS 15, however, users will be able to reset their Apple ID by calling a friend or relative for help. To enable the feature, users need to select their trusted contacts. To do this, iOS 15 users need to go to Settings > Password & Security > Account Reset. After which a page will pop-up showing users what account reset contacts can see or do with their account. Next, users will have to click on Add recovery contact at the bottom of the page. When prompted, users will need to add their Apple ID password and follow the instructions to select their reset contacts.

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In this way you will be able to update new password
After setting up an account reset contact, if users are locked out of their device and can’t remember the password, they can call one of the provided contacts to reset their account, which will then reset their account. Will use their own iPhone to receive a short-code that they pass to the locked out users. iPhone users will then enter the number to open your account and will be asked to come up with a new password. Trusted Contacts selected in the Account Restore feature of the iPhone user must be at least 13 years of age. It is important to remember that this feature will be launched with iOS 15 which will be rolled out later this year.


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