From applying status to forward messages, these major changes in WhatsApp due to Corona virus

Those who use WhatsApp will certainly not know about this trick.

Because of the coronavirus spreading all over the world, there have been many changes in WhatsApp so far … Let’s talk about these changes in detail …

Due to Coronavirus, Lockdown is going on in the whole country. Meanwhile, fake news is also spreading very fast on social media. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp has made many changes in its app. Yes, you will be surprised to know that due to the Corona virus spreading across the world, many changes have been made in the app so far. About these changes in IA detail…

WhatsApp Status deadline changed
WhatsApp is connecting with other services to reduce network interruption during the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic. In order to reduce the difficulty in the mobile network, WhatsApp has reduced the time limit of videos to be updated in the status update from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

(Also read- Big news for TV watchers! Cable operators can easily change without changing the setup box)You can share text, photos, videos and GIFs with the WhatsApp ‘Status’ feature. Your status lasts only for 24 hours, after which it disappears. You can see your contact or your contact status updates only if both of your phones will have each other’s number saved.

WhatsApp Forward limit fixed

WhatsApp has fixed the limit of sending only Forwarded Messages on a single chat. The app has taken this step to prevent misleading information related to Corona virus. When a message is forwarded more than five times, two arrows appear on it. WhatsApp says that these messages can be forwarded to one chat at a time, to prevent the spread of forwarded messages and allow WhatsApp to remain a place of private conversation.

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WhatsApp told how many times a message has been forwarded, this information is encrypted from beginning to end and is not visible even to WhatsApp. This means that neither WhatsApp knows how many times a message has been forwarded nor can it see the content of the message.


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