From learning something on YouTube to listening to online audio books, do these things for yourself from home …

Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a worldwide panic. People all over the world are forced to lurk at their homes. Many countries have resorted to lockdown to rein in Corona. In India too, a 21-day lockdown was announced to win the battle against Corona. That is, every Indian citizen will have to stay at home for 21 days, so that the transmission cycle of this virus can be broken.

By the way, the lockdown of 21 days is long. It is difficult for working people to spend time at home. In such a situation, what should be done at home so that we can keep ourselves fully fit. Let’s know what can be done other than being active on social media, watching TV, watching TV.

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Learn skills onlineAt this time by staying at home, you can do skill development online according to your mind. If you are fond of dance, cooking, then go to YouTube and learn what you like. Apart from this, you can take a website like Lynda, Udemy for professional skill development.

Learn new languages ​​from the app
If you want to dominate many new languages, then you can learn new languages ​​for free through apps like Duolingo and HelloTalk.

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Podcasts (Podcasts)
First of all, let’s understand what is a podcast? Any online content you download from the Internet can be anything audio, video. It is called Podcast. Currently, there are many podcasts in the world of Internet.

You can get information about the sector you want. For this, download Current Affairs, Sports, Business, Comedy or any good Podcast according to your interest and you can entertain yourself. With this your time will also be spent and there will also be a huge store of knowledge.

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You are not a reader but a listener. There is nothing to worry about. There are collections of very large audiobooks like LibriVox, Audible, Goodreads. There is almost everything in them, in which you can earn better knowledge.

House cleaning
In fighting the corona virus, you have to pay special attention to cleanliness as well. In these 21 days, you can also clean the house at the moment of leisure. Keep the house sanitized regularly.


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