From missed group calls to missing photos on their own, 5 very special features are coming on WhatsApp


New features are coming soon on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is testing many new features, which will change the experience of users. Let’s tell you which are those 5 special features which are going to come on WhatsApp very soon …

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. Since the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, there have been many changes in WhatsApp. WhatsApp keeps adding new features to the user from time to time. In addition to working features such as multi-device support, WhatsApp Disappearing Photos and Read Letter (WhatsApp Read Later), WhatsApp is testing many other features. WhatsApp is currently working on some such special features, which will be added to WhatsApp soon. Let’s tell you which are those 5 special features which are going to come on WhatsApp very soon … Archive the message: In this new feature of WhatsApp, the user will get the facility by archiving the message. Meaning if you want to read a message later, you can archive and read it later. By doing this, you will not have the notifications of that chat again and again. (Also Read- Big Sale Started On Flipkart! Bring Home Strong Smart TV For Just Rs 9,499, Huge Discounts On Cooler Also) Multi Device Support: After this feature comes, users will be able to log their WhatsApp on another device as well. Right now users can use WhatsApp on only one device, and if you login to any other device, then automatic logout is done from the previous device.Photos Disappearing and Voice Note Speed: WhatsApp has already launched the feature of message dispensing, in which the message found in WhatsApp is automatically deleted in 7 days. WhatsApp is now going to offer a similar feature on photos in which the photos sent will be automatically deleted as per the scheduled time. In addition, WhatsApp is also working on increasing the speed of the voice note, in which the user will be able to increase the speed of the voice note. (ALSO READ- 6 thousand rupees cheaper Samsung’s popular smartphone with 7000mAh battery, 8GB RAM will be available) Instagram reels on whatsapp: After this feature comes, users can also see their Instagram reel on WhatsApp. However, no information has been officially given by the company yet about this feature. According to the news, this feature is being tested right now, which can be connected to WhatsApp in the coming time.
Join missed group call: There are many video calling apps in which you can join ongoing group calls. This feature is not currently available in WhatsApp. After the introduction of this feature, users can connect themselves to the ongoing group call.


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