Good News for PUBG Fans; Battlegrouds Mobile India game will launch on this day! teaser released

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new avatar of PUBG Mobile India, can be launched in India very soon. The company has given this information on its official Facebook page. A cryptic photo can be seen in the company’s post on Facebook, which has been given 1,2,3 in the x axis in the left bottom corner and 4, 5, 6 in the y axis, which when added gives 18. Along with this, the number 9 has also been given in the poster, due to which experts believe that the company can launch the battle royale-style action title in India in the month of September.

At the same time, some users give information about its launch on June 18. However, like PUBG Mobile’s company Krafton, nothing has been said about its launch yet. Recently, the company opened the pre-registration of this game to the user on the Google Play Store. The company says that it had 7.6 million registrations on the very first day of opening the registration, which increased to 20 million in India after two weeks.

The South Korean company is showing small elements of the upcoming Battleground Mobile India in this new game, which is similar to the old game PUBG Mobile India, which was banned in India in September last year.

In another teaser image, the backpack found in Level 3 of the PUBG Mobile game can also be clearly seen. This backpack was used by users in the PUBG Mobile game to keep guns, weapons and other items.

Along with this, the Krafton company has also released an Erangel map which is similar to the Erangel map of the old game PUBG Mobile. Last year PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Now the demand to ban the company’s new game Battleground Mobile India is also being raised by some people.

Recently, former Union Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and currently MLA Ninong Ering has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi demanding to ban Battleground Mobile India. He has written in his letter that this game can be a threat to the security of India and this game can also become a threat to the privacy of the people. He said that this game is just a relaunch of PUBG Mobile and not a new game.


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