Good news for Skype users, added feature that was long awaited


New Delhi. Good news for Skype users. Video chat and voice calling app Skype has added some features that users have been waiting for a long time. Most important in this Active Noise Active noise cancellation The feature has been added so that the voice of the callers will be heard much clearer, rather than the external voice during the video and voice call. Also, it also means that you can now do video chatting or conferencing without any problem even in a crowded place. You will not have that much difficulty in reaching the front from the surrounding.

Skype says that it has been made completely according to the term of Microsoft and now the users on the right side will only hear their voice and no one else will have to increase the volume of the speaker for this. noise cancellation Of This feature will only be on desktop apps for Windows and Mac.

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In fact, Microsoft has run preview version of Skype on Vidange desktop, which shows a lot of improvements as well as new features. In which the most important is the first time Noise Cancellation It is a special purpose. Apart from this, WAM Support on Windows 10 is also special in the preview version of Microsoft Skype. Because with the help of this, you will be able to avoid the hassle of entering Skype passwords repeatedly and can also switch to multiple accounts. Along with this, top level privacy category will also be available in Skype.

More than 150 voices will be less

Skype says Active Noise Cancellation Under 150 kinds of voices have been reduced, including keyboards such as typing, biting, walking, boredom, dog barking, paper munching, eating sounds and other chirpy sounds that will bring voice or video calling through The interruption in the conversation of Heta Hae will no longer be heard.

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These features will also come soon

It is also good news for Skype users that many more features are going to be added to Skype in the coming days, including Safari Skype Support, Skype Spart on Chromium based browsers, Locking meetings, Background Blur Spat as well as Fane. The option to search Skype users by number will also be included.

Do like this Active noise cancellation Active

Users in their desktop Active noise cancellation Have to say this to start the feature.

– First of all your Have to login to skype account

– After that Profile On Go And Settings What Click do Here them Audio and Video. Of Option vision Will come

Audio Tap Go to

– Here Noise cancellation Of Option What Select do.

Select flour, lye, high here Noise Cancellation Select in


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