Good news for WhatsApp users! Your chat is going to be more secure than before, new feature is coming

WhatsApp is bringing new features to secure the data of its users. As you know that the message sent by you to any other user on WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, which means the message sent by you can only be read by the receiver of the message. Otherwise, if someone wants to read the message by hacking or even WhatsApp itself wants to read that message, it will appear encrypted to them. Now WhatsApp is going to bring another feature for the data safety of its users, so let’s know about this new feature …

The messages sent by us on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, which is not possible to read by any third person, whether it is WhatsApp itself. The encrypted part of any text is the one that converts a message into random numbers and alphabets, the key needed to decrypt this changed encrypted message is with the receiver so that the encrypted message appears decrypted. is.

Only personal chats are encrypted
Until now WhatsApp only encrypts personal chats, but the backed up chats are not yet encrypted, so that your private data or chats can be accessed by a hacker or government agencies by accessing your chats from Google, Apple or any other cloud storage. could get from.

But now according to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is working on the feature of encrypting your backup messages as well. In the new update of WhatsApp, WhatsApp has launched the feature of backing up your chats for Android as a beta version. A screenshot shared by Wabetainfo shows that you will find this feature inside the settings and it will be optional.

WhatsApp has made this feature available for WhatsApp beta users. For this, you will now need a password or 64 digit encryption key to back up your chats, and this password will not be shared with WhatsApp, Google or Apple. When you restore your chat, you will need this password or your encryption key, otherwise you will not be able to restore your chat.

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