Good News! WhatsApp will be able to run in the smartphone even without internet, learn about this new feature …


A very special feature is coming on WhatsApp.

A new feature is coming in WhatsApp, after which users will be able to use its web version without turning on the phone internet. Learn everything about this new featureā€¦

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is now going to bring a feature that the user was waiting for a long time. Currently, users use WhatsApp on the web version as well as on the phone. If the user has to use the WhatsApp web version, then the user always has to keep the Internet on in the phone. After the introduction of this new feature, users will be able to use its web version without turning on the phone internet. According to a report given in HackRead, in the web version of WhatsApp, users will no longer need to scan the QR code. The company is going to end the imperative of an active mobile connection for the WhatsApp web version. (Also read- 39 thousand smartphone can be brought home for just Rs 4,170! 8GB RAM and 55W Super Flash Charger will be available) However, the internet will be mandatory on the desktop on which the user is running WhatsApp. WhatsApp is currently testing this feature, which users will soon be able to use. According to the report, people who have taken part in testing this feature now have a message show. In this message, this information is given that you do not need to connect the phone to use WhatsApp on the desktop app or web version. This feature can be used on a maximum of 4 devices at once. (Also read- Samsung is getting more than 7 thousand cheaply, popular smartphone with 7000mAh battery, 5 cameras will be available) This feature can be part of a multi-device
Experts believe that this new feature of WhatsApp may be part of the multi-device feature. In the multi-device feature, users will be able to use one account of WhatsApp in four devices at the same time. The multi-device feature will not require an internet connection for the main device. WhatsApp is also testing this feature now.


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