Google Chrome Briser will get tougher security than before, users will benefit


Google Chrome will soon try to use HTTP as the default.

If users do not add the protocol to the Google Chrome browser after the new update arrives, Chrome will add the prefix HTTP and attempt to load the domain via HTTP.

The Google chrome browser is in the process of arranging a strict security for users. Google Chrome will soon try to use HTTPS (HTTP) as the default. This will come in handy when users forget to write the HTTP (https) or HTTPS (https) prefix. This step is in line with Chrome engineers’ efforts to increase browser security. ZD reported in last week’s report that HTTPS – the first change will come in Chrome 90, which will be released in mid-April this year.

Currently, when a user types a link in the omnibox – the chrome address (URL) bar – the chrome will load the typed link regardless of protocol. But if users don’t add protocol, Chrome prefix will add HTTP and try to load the domain via HTTP. According to Chrome Safety Engineer Emily Stark, it will be replaced in the Chrome 90.

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V will try to open the website through HTTP, starting from 90, when users leave the prefix while typing a URL. Google has previously said that Safe Browsing in Chrome automatically protects you from malicious ads and warns you before visiting dangerous sites or downloading suspicious files. Google said, if you use Chrome, Your password protection is automatically built-in. Chrome already warns people when they share sensitive information, including passwords or payment card data, on unsecured HTTP pages.


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