Google released subscription plan of Google One, know how much storage the company is offering in which plan


New Delhi. Google its Google One The subscription plan has been released. So far where Google photos In Unlimited Space was available there, now the price has to be paid for it. Along with this Google (Google) Of Google photos Of for free Storage It will be closed from Monday night. The company had already announced about it. Even after that you still have 15 GB Cloud Storage free Will remain, In which Google Of all Products Of for same Space will get. Google On Now you 15 GB From more Space Of for you Google Of Google One Of Subscription to take Will have.

As such In if You Ours Memory To Safe to keep Want Huh so you Ours Old Memories To Save Keep Of for To those download Tax Of Ours computer or The laptop In save do Will have. Its Apart from Google has Directly The form On said is That 1 June, 2021 From first Upload Of Has gone photography And Video 15GB Storage Of Part No Will be, Its with Only free 15 GB Of free Space Google Of other Products like That Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Drives And other Google Service Of between divide Of Will go.

It is so Google One Of Subscription plan

Google’s Google One Of As per subscription plan 100 GB Of Storage Of for 1499 Rupees Yearly Payment will have to be given. If you want, you can also take it on a monthly basis, for that the company has fixed a charge of Rs 149. If you store more data then you have 200 GB Of Plan Too Will happen in this 2199 Rupees Annual of You can choose from payment or monthly payment of Rs 219.

Apart from this, Google has put a subscription offer of Rs 7500 for 2TB annual plan and Rs 749 for monthly. If you want, you can also take plans up to 10TB, 20TB, 30TB, whose monthly fee has been kept at 3249,6500, 9700 rupees respectively.

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As such Take Can is mine photos Of Backup

if your 15 GB Of Too free Space Finished Having To Will happen so you Google Of Side From similarity Of Via Inform did Will go. if your Storage Finished Ho Missed Ho so Too To panic Of Need No, You Google One or Again other Cloud Storage Of Service To Purchase Tax Ours The data She Store Tax Can Of Side From Users To Ours Google photos In From All The data download To do Of opportunity Give doing is, Whose after You Him Ours Local or Again Any other Cloud Store On save Tax Could. If you Ours all Google photos The data To download To do In trouble come doing Ho so We Will tell Of how You Ease Ours Google photos From Video And photography download By doing Safe Tax Can Huh.

Its for Google has One Special Feature Made is, Google Takeout One Like this Feature is that you Google On your all The data To Export To do Of Facility Gives is. you Bus On to go Will happen.

>> On Go Again There Ours Google Account In log in Do the.

>> Again Create a new export Create Do the.

>> Now you your all Google The data Checkbox Of with List In Eye Will come, Here On you google photos Of Apart from pending other The data List To deselect do Will have.

>> There On you All photo album included On Click Tax Of Ours all The album Select is or No This Confirm Tax Take.

>> Google photos To Select To do Of after you Next Step On Click do Will happen. Its after you delivery method To Select do Will happen.

>> Here On You send download link via email link Option Select Do the.

>> Here You download Link Of Size To Too You decide Tax Can Huh. like If your The total download Data 20 GB Of happen so You download Limit 2 GB Of Tax Take Again you 20 Different Different download Link your E-mail On Received Will happen.

>> his after you Create export Button On Click Do the, Again you your Export Link Of progress Of Message Will come like Of How many Hours or day In this Link Ready Ho Will go.

>> One times Export Of Ready Ho Know Of after you download Link your similarity On come Will go.


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