great danger! This ‘Scary Message’ is coming to users on WhatsApp, the app getting freeze on opening

Many incidents have surfaced before WhatsApp hacking and now another threat has been revealed. WhatsApp users are complaining about a message series, causing their app to freeze or crash. WABetaInfo has called it ‘Scary Message’ and has said that it is very dangerous, which can destroy the entire experience of WhatsApp.

It was told that some strange characters are present in such messages. If it is read completely, then it makes no sense, but WhatsApp probably misunderstands it. Sometimes when this happens, WhatsApp is unable to render the message, because its structure is strange. Characters written in the message come with such a combination that WhatsApp is unable to process that message, and this causes WhatsApp Infinite to crash.

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Here Infinite Crash means that whenever you open WhatsApp it will freeze and crash, and even if you try to reopen the app by Force Close, the app will still get crashed.

At present, there is no way to fix this problem. This is because WhatsApp will have to get to the bottom of this issue to fix the problem, so that a permanent solution can be extracted. WABetaInfo said that he has posted this many times on Twitter, after which many users have raised the issue. Troubled A user showed some such messages and said that WhatsApp Mods have created a kind of ‘crashcode protection’. There are many secret groups on WhatsApp on which users are sharing such codes.

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‘Scary Message’ also exists as virtual cards (vcards). In such a situation, when you open the vcard, it can be verified, after which you can get 100 contacts.

In this, the name of each contact is very long and strange, in which the crash code is hidden. Apart from this, the vCard is sometimes changed, edited, which is called Payload, and it has also been told that this makes the situation worse.

What to do to protect
If you also get ‘Scary Message’, then you should try to block the contact through WhatsApp web. After this, after setting your group’s privacy setting to ‘My Contacts’ or My Contacts Except’, remove the messages that contain the crash code.

If you are not able to do this through WhatsApp Web, then there is only one way after this. You will have to reinstall your app. If you do this, it is possible that your chat is deleted. WABetaInfo’s report further said that it is advised to backup WhatsApp chat once a week.


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