If you are in Delhi, get liquor from home! Registration will have to be done like this, know the whole process

New Delhi. In view of Corona Virus, Delhi Government has approved home delivery of liquor through app and website. After which in the coming days, people can now order liquor online from the comfort of their homes. For this facility, liquor sellers of Delhi want to start home delivery service through orders received on mobile app or online web portal, they can now apply for license from Delhi government from June 11.

Under the new rule, vendors or shops will have to get an L-13 license to start home delivery service of liquor, or those who already have this license can do home delivery. But now the question arises that where and how to register for home delivery of liquor.

Online registration has to be done
In Delhi, customers can now order liquor sitting at home through mobile apps and websites. Let us tell you that there is still no clear information about the online delivery of liquor in India. The Delhi Government or the Excise Department has not started any app or registration. There was no clear answer from the Delhi government regarding home delivery of liquor, where and on which website to register.

Till now app companies have been doing delivery
None of the app companies or websites have made any announcement for home delivery of liquor in Delhi. In the last year 2020, some states including Kolkata, Maharashtra, Odisha, Siliguri made home delivery of liquor through online food delivery apps like Amazon, BigBasket, Swiggy and Zomato. permission was granted.

These vendors can deliver
According to the Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, only L-13 license holders and shopkeepers can make doorstep delivery of Indian and foreign liquor through orders received through mobile apps or online portals.


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