If you have any banned app like TikTok, Helo in your phone, will you be able to use it or not?


What if the phone already has a Chinese app downloaded…

If you also have this big question in your mind, whether or not it will work on the phones that already have banned apps like Tiktok? So know here …

The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese applications, including many popular apps like Share It, SHAREIT, Helo and Ticketock. Now the question is that the smartphones in which they are already, can it be used after being banned or not? TOI has quoted the founder of MediaNama as saying that the big question is whether it will work on the phones which already have banned apps like tiktok? At the moment, nothing can be clearly said about it. But one thing is confirmed that new users will not be able to download them from Play Store or iOS Store.

In order to provide any new features to the app and developers offer updates, the expert has also said that despite some apps being on the Play Store, users will not be able to update the app, that is, these apps in a way Will remain useless. Apart from this, it was also told that it will not get any kind of developer support in India.

The government official is telling this decision of the Government of India to Internet service providers and telecom companies. These institutions will take steps to stop them, just as a website is taken to stop them. Their links, data and traffic will be stopped.There is also concern about old content

Apart from this, a big question that is coming in people’s mind is about its old content. A number of crores of content have been prepared on an app like Popular Halo, Tiktok, Like among Indians. There is a question as to what will happen to these content after the ban, as well as most Indian creators on these platforms, many of whom are the only source of income.


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