If you have this app in your smartphone, then delete it immediately, otherwise your personal information may be stolen – News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Cyber ​​security firm Trend Mike has advised all Android users to delete the Share iT app immediately. In its report, Trend Maiko said that it needs to be deleted until the developer fixes its security issue. The firm says that hackers can steal your sensitive data through it. The company gave information about this from Share It to Google, but no one gave good response. After this, the company itself has issued a report to alert the users.

This is the most downlaid app in 2019
Tendra Mike has alerted Google about this. However, Google has not yet removed it from the Play Store. This app has more than one billion users. In the year 2019, it was also the most downloaded app. However, Share It and hundreds of other Chinese apps were banned in November 2020 in India with TikTok. After this, the share app was started using in India. At the same time, iPhone users have the option of airdrop.

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No response from Share It
Trend Michae says that he had also told about it with Share Eat, but there was no response from there. After three months, we decided to bring our research to everyone. The company said that this is the best way to save at this time, immediately stop using this app. It should be deleted from your phone. If you do not do this, your private data will be in danger.


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