If you want to avoid WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, you can use these apps and services

These days there is a lot of discussion on the latest updates of WhatsApp on the Internet. This update forces users to share personal data with Facebook, after which a large group of smartphone users are very concerned about their data privacy. Most users do not know that privacy is threatened by commonly used apps and services. Here we are telling you about some such apps and services, which you can use alternatively from the perspective of privacy …

Chat and communication: With over two billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular service for chat and audio / video calls, while it monitors your chat in the name of privacy. Instead of WhatsApp, you should try Telegram and Signal, an optional app. Both these apps are safe for users privacy and users do not have to provide any kind of data information to use them.

Social Networks: Facebook is the most used social network worldwide. However, as Facebook users have increased, so too it came into the discussion on the issue of privacy. WhatsApp is sharing its user data directly on Facebook, after which Facebook can now stream two users’ data, which is a serious concern regarding data privacy. The good thing is that you have alternative social networking sites available, which are focused on your privacy. If you like an interface like Twitter, you can use Mastodon, which is ad free, easy to use and does not gather any information. Apart from this, you can also use diaspora or social app.

Browser: The browser acts as an entry gate to connect to the Internet. The problem is that almost all commonly used browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) track users and share their data with their parent company. To avoid all this you can try Brave Browser, which is available on both desktop and mobile operating systems. This browser does not track user activity and also comes with an inbuilt adblocker. Another option is the Tor browser, which does not reveal your activity and encrypts your usage data so that no one can track it.

E-mail: Your email is an important source of your personal information. This is the reason that almost all commonly used email services from users have a privacy risk. The only way to avoid all these risks is to use a secure email service. Given such a risk, ProtonMail is the best option. It provides end-to-end encryption for email.

Search engine: Google is the most used search engine in smartphones and computers, if you give importance to privacy, then the use of Google will not be given. Google tracks your activity and then uses that information to show personalized advertisements on products that are against someone’s privacy. If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want to track your search history, you can use DuckDuckGo for this. DuckDuckGo does not collect any user information, as it does not track the user.

Video: Today, most of us use YouTube for videos, whereas YouTube, like other apps and services on Google, creates a profile for you and then tracks your data history to show you relevant ads during video playback. Does. Although other platforms do not have a library as large as YouTube, they pay attention to the privacy of the user. In this we will recommend you Vimeo, Metacafe or DTube.


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