Instagram will be 10 years old on October 6, know some special things about it

The social media platform Instagram (Instagram) will complete its ten years on October 6. This amazing social networking platform for sharing photos was launched in 2010 by two US entrepreneurs and programmers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Two years after the launch of Instagram, Facebook bought it. After this, Instagram became the first social media app in the world where users started sharing new experiences with their selfie and photos.

Followers’ base for celebs
There are many users on Instagram who have millions of followers. Fashion blogger Chiara Fergani has 21 million followers on Instagram. At the same time, Hollywood actresses Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have 189 million followers. If seen, Instagram is like a self made photo album for people.

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Instagram’s first choice for branded companies
The selfie of millions of users posted on Instagram is shining overnight by the sight of a brand. Let us know that one of the top selfies of the 2014 Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt’s selfie were selected for Samsung’s smartphone. Let us know that Instagram is the first choice for luxury brand companies around the world. Because according to branded companies, Instagram proves to be a launching platform for their products.

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End of need for ad agency for brand
Let us know that last year, Instagram has given a virtual storefront to companies as an e-commerce site where users can buy their favorite things without leaving the app.

A 36-year-old Instagram fashion influencer, Pauline Prevez, said, ‘The company posts the product and I spread it around, so now there is no need for an ad agency, in this we are able to take care of everything closely.’

Serves as a guide
Instagram has revolutionized the food sector. Because with its help, many options have been opened in front of people regarding restaurants and their many types of recipes. Big restaurants are proving successful in attracting people with their new recipes with the help of Instagram. Not only this, people can also book their lunch and dinner tables in any hotel and restaurant through Instagram.

Along with this, users also get to see recipes of big chefs on this platform. At the same time, Chef Jamie Oliver has 8.3 million followers and offers a variety of recipes on his Instagram page daily.

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As inspirational
Although many people are earning millions and crores of rupees with the help of Instagram, but there are also some who are doing the simple task of sending the right messages to the people. One of them is Sylvan Havovny, also known as Dr. Shawa Vet. He has one lakh followers on Instagram. Shawta Weight posts pictures of small places around the world that people do not even know. In addition, he also shares pictures of thousands of animals on his page.

Psychologist Stora says, “The new things on Instagram have made people addicted to it and it has had a governmental effect on many people, especially among the youth, a different energy is seen about this platform.”


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