Is Adidas giving shoes for free on Women’s Day? Learn the truth of this viral message coming on WhatsApp


On the occasion of Women’s Day, hackers have brought a new plan to cheat people.

People are getting a message on WhatsApp viral, claiming that Adidas is giving shoes for free on Women’s Day. If you too have received such a message, then know the truth of it.

Online scam and online fraud is growing rapidly around the world, and now hackers have adopted another method of cheating, taking advantage of Women’s Day 2021. Actually, people are getting a message on WhatsApp viral, claiming that Adidas is giving shoes for free on Women’s Day. This is not the first time that such fake message is going viral. Hackers often use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to trick people.

In such a situation, if you have also received a message on WhatsApp, in which Adidas shoes are being claimed to be given for free, then do not get caught in this fraud, because this message is fake. If this was the case, you would not get this information through WhatsApp but on their official site.

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This is how every fake website is caughtEvery fake website has grammar or some spelling mistakes. For example, if you look at this viral message, then there is a mistake in its spelling. Adidas’ spelling consists of a single ‘S’. At the same time, two ‘SS’ can be seen in this fake message.

If you look at the URL given in the fake message, it is written ‘’, which makes it clear that a fake website has been created to cheat them.

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Apart from this, there is a logo of WhatsApp, not Adidas, on the offer page, which confirms that this claim is fake. Keep yourself safe on this woman’s day, and before considering any such message, definitely check some details. Otherwise you can also be a victim of fraud.


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