Know what is the Google Chrome FLoC Trial, know if you are being tracked or not


Advertisers will be informed about your every activity

Google has devised a new way to track you. In this way, the company has named Federated Learning of Cohorts or Flock (FLoC).

The new Delhi. The giant IT company Google Has found a new way to track you. In this way, the company has named Federated Learning of Cohorts or Flock (FLoC). Google including India in Australia, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand and USA FLoC is testing. With the help of this new technology, data of shopping patterns of users is collected.

The company claims that this is a better way for advertisers to get what they want. However, the parakararen of privacy have not said anything against it yet. The surprising thing is how Google even started its trial without any prior information. The FLoC trial is being done on 0.5 percent of the users of the cram users and is now started and apart from standard cookies trekking.

After all, why FLoC is a reason for fear for us

FLoC claims that it will no longer allow you to monitor those websites on the Internet. By inserting scripts, they find out what you are doing on the Internet. Although it sounds good but it is not that easy either. With FLoC, Google will be able to further control how users can track activity in their own way. Go that nowhere does it seem beneficial for the users. FLoC will classify your browsing activity and history, every website you visit, in the compartment or in the cairds. These keywords, which Google is calling FLoC whitepaper, will not reveal the identity of the users but will still track all your activity, including what you are doing, what you are watching. However, Google says that it will not share sensitive search with advertisers, this includes your medical search.

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Google also misled users in data collection

Australian Federal Court on Friday said that Google mislead its users by taking personal location data taken from Android in 2017 and 2018. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) started legal proceedings against Google in the year 2019. According to the federation, Google misleads the end users by stating that only on keeping history history on, it collects your personal data whereas the court found that even if the location history on web and application is closed, Google collects all the information and Was also keeping it safe.


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