Know what is the message message ‘Encryption’, which is causing a ruckus nowadays.

The message is coded by message encryption, which no one can read.

Keeping any message secure means to convert your message into a code that becomes difficult for a human to read and understand through programming. It is called Encryption …

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Nowadays WhatsApp is in special discussion about its new privacy policy and many people are considering some possible options like leaving Telegram and Telegram and Signal. (Signal) Signal is very much in discussion nowadays and the server of the signal was down from users suddenly increased and the trust of the people has increased on the signal also because it does end to end encryption, let’s know that the message would be encryption What is it. First of all, let us tell you what is the meaning of encryption in Hindi, the meaning of encryption is to write code, in simple words, to keep any message safe means to convert your message into a code through programming. It becomes difficult for a person to read and understand, or in simple words, it is called encryption to secure any message through code.

An encrypted message can be read only by those who have a Description Key and this key is assigned to you at the same time when you open your application, only then you and the user you send the message can read it and the rest The message where the message is stored is also encrypted.

For example, suppose you sent a message to your friend, “How are you?”, Then this message will only be visible to you and your friend in the form of a decrypted message.

Original message: “how are you ?”Encrypted message : “$ 2y $ 10 $ OIj1ewZQpU3xXOAciWBEzOMfnTvFSQRJMQBqv446m4 / Slj4X3S5pe”

The whole process of encryption and decryption is also called cryptography. Cryptography technique to prevent the information shared between any two humans is not stolen by anyone reading this information or making changes in that information. Has been used. Let me tell you that today e-commerce or online banking is safe due to the technology of cryptography and cryptography also has different types.

Types of encryption

>> Symmetrical Encryption
Symmetric encryption has only one key to encrypt and decrypt, and being the same key, in this process, the user who encrypts the data has to share the decrypted key with each user to whom they send the information. Encryption is also called

>> Asymmetrical Encryption
In Asymmetric Encryption, both the encryption and the decryption key are different, one is for Key Encryption and the other is for Key Decryption, so in the process of encryption, the user keeps the encryption key and the decryption key is publicly available to all those users. Shares whom to whom he sends information. This process of encryption is also called Public key Encryption.


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