Kovid 19: What is zoom? Use is increasing, but how safe is it?

On the one hand, cases of corona virus are continuously increasing in the world and on the other hand the use of zoom. The biggest reason for the boom in the use of video conferencing application zoom is the formation of lockdown or isolation in many countries of the world. But, why has Zoom come under the question? How secure is it and does it affect your data security?

Work from home has increased in several countries due to Corona virus infection. In such a situation, many kinds of meetings and work are being done through video conferencing. Due to this need, Phi Zoom app has come into the discussion because one has emerged as the most popular app, while many questions related to it have arisen. Before you also use this app, the complete details need to be understood in detail.

Does China have the key to the app?
The video conferencing app Zoom is headquartered in California, USA, but most of its technical work has been done in China. Fox News report quoted Fellow of the Center for Strategic Studies Jacob Helberg as saying that Zoom’s large engineering team is China based. Halberg has also said that exchanging sensitive information on this app can prove to be risky because the Chinese Communist Party is collecting data on this app, it is possible.Zoom claims ‘no danger’

Zoom, which has come to the fore due to such statements and questions, has claimed that this app gives many opportunities for security and takes many steps at many levels to protect the data of users. Zoom also said in a conversation with the BBC that many international institutions and government and non-governmental units, including the United Kingdom Department of Defense, use this app or are involved in any kind of deal with this app. Consumers do not have to feel threatened.

Recently, Zoom succeeded in becoming the number one app, beating out many video related apps.

Why did this cleanliness come about?
The reason for presenting his cleaning in front of Zoom also came because a case and claim has been filed recently against this app. According to CBS News Wednesday’s report, New York’s top prosecutors are closely investigating Zoom’s protective measures. The reason for this investigation is that a claim was made against Zoom in California by claiming that Zoom sold their personal data to many external companies, including Facebook, without the permission of the users.

Why is there a question about security?
In the past, questions have been raised about the protective measures related to this app. According to Yahoo’s news, when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted last week how he had a cabinet meeting on Zoom, questions were raised about the safety of the app.

Be cautious even from hacking
Hacking has also emerged as a threat in the growing era of video conferencing. Fox News reports that the FBI had alerted to the alleged ‘zoom bombing’, which was an issue related to video conferencing hacking. The FBI claimed that it had received many complaints that an unknown person joined the conference during video conferencing or that an unknown person tried to interrupt the conference through porn or hate photos or language.

Still popular zoom
After this explanation, two things are clear as to how Zoom attaches safety to the data of the users, intensive investigation is going on against it and on the other hand Zoom claims that it has not compromised the data. Meanwhile, according to Yahoo’s report, Zoom has been declared the second most popular app in the app rankings in the UK and the first in the US due to circumstances created at the time of the global pandemic.

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