Make video calling with 50 people at once on Instagram, easy to use


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Learn how video calling can be done on Instagram with 50 people now …

In view of the lockdown, companies are trying new options for video conferencing. A few days ago, Facebook also launched messenger rooms, through which video calling can be done from 50 people simultaneously. Apart from this, according to the information received by Facebook, the integration of Messenger Room will soon be coming in WhatsApp web, that is, 50 people can be talked together on WhatsApp. But let us know that before WhatsApp, the company has given its support in Instagram.

Instagram has given this information on Twitter. It was told that after the new update, users will be able to do video conferencing through the Messenger Room by clicking a button in Instagram. In this, the feature of inviting friends through the link has also been provided.

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The room host also has the option to lock the room so that no one can enter it, as well as the option to remove the user.Conferencing with 50 people like this on Instagram

Photo sharing platform Instagram has also shared a video with a tweet regarding the use of the messenger room. So let’s tell you how to use this feature. To use this feature, go to the direct message of the app. After this you will see an icon of video chat.

After this, you will get the option to create a room. After this, you will be able to send invoices to people to join the room. For video calling, it is necessary to have Facebook Messenger app in your phone.

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Features will be available soon for WhatsApp
This feature is currently in beta testing on WhatsApp, and it is expected that it will be made available for Android and iOS soon.


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