Microsoft to make journalists work with robots, employees out of jobs


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Microsoft has decided to select Artificial Intelligence, not humans, to write, edit, select and curate news on its homepage.

Dozens of journalists have been dismissed after Microsoft decided to make it work through artificial intelligence software. According to the Guardian report, the staff who were running the news home page of Microsoft’s MSN website and its Edge browser were denied work and were told that they were no longer needed, as their robots were now completed. will do. For information, let millions of people read the news through Microsoft MSN.

About 27 employees employed by PA Media were told last Thursday that they would lose their jobs in a month, when Microsoft chose artificial intelligence, not humans, to write, edit, select and curate news on its homepage Has decided.

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A journalist working in the team said, ‘I spent all my time reading how automation and AI are going to take our jobs, and here I am today – AI has also taken my job.’ The journalist further said that it is risky to give software in place of humans, because the current staff follows the guidelines of the editorial. This ensures that users do not encounter violent or inappropriate content when opening their browsers. The team working on the Microsoft site does not report original stories, but they do select editorial control, stories from other institutions. In addition, he also edits editorial content and headline to fit the format.

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Many tech companies are experimenting to use artificial intelligence in journalism. However, efforts to automate the writing of articles have not been widely adopted.


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