Mitron app not made in India is Pakistani, source code purchased for just Rs 2600

An important information has been revealed about the fast becoming popular video sharing sharing app Friends (Mitron). According to the report of News 18, this friends app that competes Ticketcock is not ‘Made in India’ nor is it made by any IIT student. News18 found that the complete source code of the Friends app, which has all the features and user interfaces, has been purchased from the Pakistani software company Qboxus. According to Irfan Sheikh, founder and chief executive of Qboxus, his company has sold the source code of the app to the promoters of friends for $ 34 i.e. around Rs 2,600.

Speaking to News18, Sheikh said, ‘We expect our customers to create some of their own products using our code, but the developer of friends took our product right away. They just changed their logo and uploaded it to their store.

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Sheikh also said that there is no problem with what the developer has done, because he paid for the script, which he used. But the problem is that people are calling it an Indian app, which is not true, and especially when they have not changed it. Sheikh further confirmed that the company sold the app to friends at codecanyon for $ 34, which is about Rs 2,600.

Apart from this, when asked about the data hosting, Sheikh said that Qboxus gives the option to host the user’s data on their own server, but friends did not choose this option and selected it to be hosted on their server . However, so far there is no clarity about the treatment of user data of friends.

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In response to an email to News18 questions, the e-commerce shopkiller (promoter of the Friends app) said, ‘We want to do our work secretly, and don’t want people to know us by our name. I found the (article) a bit disappointing. We want you to appreciate the fact that we are working hard on the app, and the purpose of making the app was only to give people the option of ‘Make in India’.

Earlier, there was a report that within a month of the launch, the Friends app has been downloaded more than 5 million (50 lakh) from Google Play Store. It was also revealed that IIT Roorkee student has made it.


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