New Twitter feature! Now you can tweet by speaking, there will be no limit of 280 characters!

The social media platform Twitter has made a big change in the way it is tweeted. Twitter has introduced voice-based tweets. Twitter said in its blog that from today a new feature is being added, in which now human touch will be available in the tweet as compared to earlier. The company said that now users can tweet with their voice. Actually Twitter has launched a new feature Voice Tweet.

This feature is currently made available for iOS, whose users can only tweet by speaking. Twitter says that at times 280 characters are not enough, so it is important to bring this feature, so now users can record tweets in their voice.

Twitter said that up to 140 seconds of audio can be recorded in each Voice Tweet. But the good thing is that even if you have to say more than this, you can still say your point. For this, you just have to keep speaking. Yes, after the limit is over, a new voice tweet will start and it will become like a thread.

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How to use
The good thing is that the way to use voice tweet is the same as you write text ie tweet.

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>> In order to tweet by speaking, first the tweet composer has to be opened. After this, here you will see a new wavelength icon.

>>After tapping on it, you will get the option to record, during this time your profile photo will be shown in the center and the record button will be shown here.

>>You can send a voice tweet by tapping. For information, please tell that your tweet will be changed one by one in thread.


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